Evaluating the quality of Open Access journals

Monday, April 14, 2014

Many authors want to make their work as visible as possible by publishing in an Open Access journal, but don't know how to assess the quality of these journals to ensure that they are publishing in a reputable journal with rigorous standards of peer review.  A new resource, Open Access Journal Quality Indicators, can help by listing positive and negative indicators that authors can use to determine if the Open Access journal in which they want to publish is legitimate.  The authors of the Open Access Journal Quality Indicators page have published an excellent article about their research in the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication

Read "Open Access Journal Quality Indicators"

Read the article about this research: "Addressing Faculty Publishing Concerns with Open Access Journal Quality Indicators"

  • Ada Emmett
    Director, Shulenburger Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright, KU Libraries

  • Josh Bolick
    Scholarly Communication Librarian
    Shulenburger Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright, KU Libraries

  • Marianne Reed
    Digital Initiatives Manager
    Digital Initiatives, KU Libraries

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